Tax Department

- Tax Planning;
- Calculation of taxes (PIS, COFINS, social contribution, income tax, GST, GST-ST, IPI, DAS);
- Bookkeeping of tax books. (ICMS, IPI, ISS, Lalur, Lacs);
-Preparation and submission of ancillary obligations. (SPED Fiscal Contributions EFD, EFD-CIT, DACON, DCTF, Nota Fiscal Paulista, Gia, Gia-ST DIPAM, Dmed, SINTEGRA);
- Fiscal orientation to the customer based on law;
- Analytical control of immobilized;
- Assistance to inspections.

- Consulting by phone, internet or in personally;
- All legal relationship with regulatory agencies;
- Monitoring of legislation and informative of the major changes.